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Healthy Lifestyle Mindset


Sometimes wellness and weight loss seem like impossible tasks. Changes like increasing activity and choosing different foods than what you are used to can seem daunting and discourage us from making progress. Remember that wellness is not JUST diet and exercise. It is very much a matter of mindset. 

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Here’s An Example of a Mindset Shift

Let’s say you are a teenager and you don’t believe you are capable of doing a difficult task. That is a very limiting thought when you think of everything you HAVE accomplished in just 15 years of life. Here are some examples:

–       If you are reading this blog, you learned how to read.

–       If you are taking notes, you learned how to write.

–       Are you reading this article on a phone or computer? Well, that means you learned how to use a phone or computer!

–       If you walked to the kitchen to eat breakfast this morning, you learned how to walk!

–       Were you born knowing how to ride a bike? If not, you had to learn it!

We may consider these simple tasks, but they are not! They are challenging and we had to LEARN them! Living a healthy lifestyle, much like these other learned behaviors, takes a lot of repetition and practice. 

Girl choosing between an apple and a donut

Think of a hobby or sport at which you excel. Were you good at it right away? Probably not, but you practiced and grew! Think of your health journey as something you have to practice every day. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Eventually, your healthy habits will become established, and they will not seem as difficult!

Remember that just because you may not live a healthy lifestyle right now, it doesn’t mean you cannot change. Your current habits do not have to last for the rest of your life. You can do hard things and establish healthy habits that will support your wellness journey and help you live a long, happy life! 


At the Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics, we help teens and pre-teens believe in their abilities, set goals, and start their wellness journey. Please take a look at our website and make an appointment today. We are here for you! 

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