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Progressive Pediatrics Medical Care for Teens

Helping Your Teen Transition To Adulthood in Optimal Health

The teenage years are among the most challenging your children will face before reaching adulthood. Not only are their bodies changing internally and externally, they’re developing intellectually and emotionally. This is a sensitive time when careful monitoring and communication are essential to their physical and sexual health. Preventive care during the teen years includes appropriate vaccinations and safety instruction. Vaccinations are important, especially the Tdap and Meningitis vaccines required by schools.

Promoting healthy habits…

At Progressive Pediatrics, we promote healthy habits for teenagers in every sense. We educate them about proper nutrition and the difference it can make in their overall physical health. We discuss depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, especially for teens who have changed schools and had to leave old familiar friends behind and adjust to new ones. We educate teens about sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect themselves.

Confidentiality is critically important to teenagers. They need to feel safe and comfortable enough to discuss their concerns with our doctors in complete confidence without being judged. Often we provide them with website links where they can learn about health issues such as depression, anxiety and avoiding teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

We also provide sick child care for everything from common colds to sports injuries, sprains and other minor injuries. We can help your teenager transition more successfully into adulthood, and we can help parents better help and support them as well.

When you’re looking for complete care for your teenager, come to Progressive Pediatrics. In addition to routine physical exams, we offer school physical exams and sports medicine for kids, including sports physicals. For your questions or to make an appointment, please call 201-319-9800 in Union City or 201-437-9600 in Bayonne. You can also use our online Contact Us form. Our teenage patients come to us from Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Weehawken, West New York, Union City and close-by areas.