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Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics

Offering Comprehensive pediatric health, nutritional status, and activity level guidance

Are you concerned about your child’s health? Has your child gained or lost weight quickly? Do they seem sluggish, inactive, or unhappy with their body? Do you lay awake at night worrying that your child will develop high blood pressure or diabetes at a young age? Is your child a picky eater who refuses to eat a well-balanced diet? If that is your situation then this is the right place for you! The Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics is where to go to get your child to a healthier place. At our center, your child will begin to develop healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.

At our wellness center, we will do a thorough evaluation of your child’s health, nutritional status, and activity level and meet them where they are. We will set achievable goals and give your family precise ways to get to that goal. Your family will work with a board-certified pediatrician as well as a registered dietitician via Culina Health if need be. Your child will learn to eat healthy foods as well as age-appropriate portion sizes. This process is a life-changing learning experience that your family will benefit from for years to come. Imagine your child being able to run and participate in sports and move towards not only a healthier weight but also be more confident and self-assured.

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