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Progressive Pediatrics Medical Care for School Age Children

Progressive Care and Treatment for School Age Children

Your school age children need a variety of services for their special needs. They need preventive care designed to help them avoid common school-age health problems and issues. They need education about personal safety and learning challenges. They also need:

  • Nutritional guidance (what to eat, what not to eat) and education to ensure good health
  • Education about good sleeping habits
  • Vaccines that meet your school requirements
  • Hearing and vision care
  • BMI (body mass index) monitoring to prevent obesity
  • Growth rate monitoring and growth related issues
  • Healthy habits (eating the right food, wearing helmets for biking, skateboarding, etc.)

At Progressive Pediatrics, we help school age children with sports related issues. These include sports injuries, over- and under-training and gymnastics. We also treat children who are over-tired or have high stress levels. And we emphasize the importance of having enough face-time with parents and siblings to facilitate open communication about problems and issues your children may be dealing with.

We encourage continuous communication with your children regarding their TV viewing and computer gaming habits and choices. Parents should be aware of what their children and their children’s friends are doing, and who your child regards as role models.

Progressive Pediatrics also provides sick child care care for school-age children who suffer sports injuries, colds, infections (we only treat strep throat after a positive culture) and other minor bumps, bruises, sprains and cuts. If you have a health concern that’s not listed here, please ask us about it.

Count on Progressive Pediatrics to deliver top-notch care and attention for your child’s health. To make an appointment with a kids health specialist, please call 201-319-9800 in Union City or 201-437-9600 in Bayonne. For your convenience, you can use our online Contact Us form. Our school-age patients come to us from Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Weehawken, West New York, Union City and nearby areas.