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Why Do It Alone?


I recently spoke to a patient who had reached a plateau in their weight loss. 

  • They were eating the foods that made them feel good.
  • They were exercising.
  • They were feeling better.

However, they still weren’t happy with their progress. They specifically wanted to get down to a certain weight and were frustrated that they couldn’t get there. 

Of course, I explained that we believe in not getting to an exact number but reaching a general health goal. Anyone on a weight loss or wellness journey, especially children, should still be able to enjoy life while working towards specific health goals!

So I asked if they wanted to consider additional help, like medication. They were determined to take off the weight by themselves.

Here is something to consider.

If you are already eating healthy, exercising, and doing all the right things, there are other ways to boost your ability to lose weight or give you the jump-start you need.

doctor holding a pill

Medications prescribed by your doctor can help control your appetite, manage your blood sugar, and help with hypertension if you have these ailments. Many of these medicines (depending on if you have a pre-existing condition) are not permanent and can relieve the stress of reaching your goal.

Remember, there is no reason to suffer alone and no shame in having help get you to a healthier place. 

Doctor talking to patient

At Progressive Pediatrics, we practice Patient-focused Care to get you to a healthier place in life. We want you and your child to LOVE looking in the mirror. If you need help reaching your health goals, please make an appointment now!

Please visit: https://progressivepediatrics.com/wellness/

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