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Is Obesity A Disease?


Is it due to lack of self-control or making poor choices? I’d like to debunk the myth that people think that obese or overweight is lacking in self-control. People who are very successful also struggle with their weight.

However, for example, talk show host and actress Oprah is very successful, it’s not because of lack of self- control. Obesity is a real chronic disease, and should be treated with compassion, knowledge and without judgement. 

My name is Noha Polack and I’d like to tell you about our wellness center at Progressive Pediatrics where we are committed to helping teens and preteens to a healthier life and to liking their bodies. 

It is my job to help you and your family especially teens and pre-teens. I’m dedicated to help teens and pre-teens to get to a better weight, so that they can feel good about themselves. It is not at any point to judge you or your child, if you are looking to lose 10,15, or 100 pounds. This is why I’m here and what I can help you do if you join me at The Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics. 

Please don’t let anyone judge or bully you or your children for your weight. Weight bias is a real thing and I would like to debunk it. Obesity is a disease. Please don’t judge children, yourself or others if you have a weight problem, simply get help. It’ like any other disease we encounter all our lives, we get help.

Let’s take care of these teens and preteens. We should take care of these children with compassion without judgement. Although obesity isn’t caused by lack of self- control, there are real ways to help these children. 

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