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Ideal Weight


What does the number on the scale mean to you?

Today, let us debunk some myths.


What if I told you that:

  • the number on the scale DOES NOT measure health or the lack thereof
  • the number on the scale DOES NOT measure lifestyle
  • the number on the scale DOES NOT determine how much willpower you have or how “good” you are
  • there is no “ideal weight” for you

To many of us, that number alone is an indication of our health and well-being. We allow that number to define our lifestyle, measure our willpower, and even affect our happiness. That simple number can make us feel miserable. Let us correct that mindset for your pre-teen and teen. 

At The Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics, we work with you to make changes in behavior that will get your child to a healthier, happier place. We emphasize real health metrics such as activity levels, healthy choices, and behavioral changes that will help you feel good and perform to an optimal level. Our team does not push our patients to an “ideal weight” because being miserable is not the solution for our patients.

What is the solution?

The solution is to work with a professional who will guide you to the right type of eating and lifestyle that fits YOU and YOUR FAMILY’S personality. We measure our success by seeing that you and your child have changed the less healthy eating behaviors to more healthy eating behaviors. Behavioral changes and changes in activity levels are our metrics, especially in teens or pre-teens, whose bodies are still developing.

So, as we go into 2022 with goals to improve our physical health, please remember to stop focusing on a number. Continue your journey to health with no more fear and dread. Stop letting the scale have power over you. Instead, ask yourself:

What small changes can you make today that will make a huge impact on your life over time?

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