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How To Think About Carbs


Today we will discuss another food group that inspires mixed emotions by people who are on a weight loss and wellness journey, carbs. 

Carbs are a food group that people are commonly taught to label as “good food/bad food.” I want to start by reminding everyone that there are no “good/bad” foods. Instead of labeling, we must look at foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel good on our wellness journey. We also must consider our lifestyle & culture. While low-carb and carb-free eating may help some people, this way of eating doesn’t work for everyone. 

Does this mean you can or should load up on any carb you want? Definitely not! Like every food group, there are healthy and less healthy choices. Typically refined, highly processed carbs are less healthy and should be enjoyed sparingly. Healthier carbs tend to have more fiber and help you feel full and give you energy.

So, which carbs would be the best fuel?

Some good examples are:

Brown rice

Whole grain bread



How should you eat these carbs?

When it comes to carbs, it’s best to enjoy them in moderation. If you check the serving size on the label of the food you purchase, it’s usually best to stick to that serving size. 

Remember that it’s also important to eat a balanced diet, especially if you’re trying to stay fuller longer. You can cook these carbs in a small amount of healthy fat, like olive oil. Then make sure to pair it with a lean protein like chicken or fish. 

When setting up your meal, a good rule of thumb is to make your plate look like this:  

¼  a healthy protein

 ¼ a healthy carb

1/2 a colorful item, like a salad or cooked vegetable. 

In conclusion, we want you to remember that there are no good or bad foods, even with carbs. The best thing to do is eat healthy, non-refined carbs in moderation. 

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