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How Do You Pick Your Food?
How Do Your Pick Your Food?


How do you pick the foods you will eat each week? 

Depending on your situation, you may choose your and your family’s foods based on lifestyle, budget, and preferences. There are many reasons why people make specific food selections while shopping, but some of these reasons are:


Food in Fridge

People choose foods based on what is easy to prepare or just grab when they are hungry.

Price Point

Food Shopping

These people budget how much they are going to spend on food and make their choices based on what they are willing or able to pay.


Eating Bread

Some people shop according to their liking. They only want to eat what tastes good to them.

While all these reasons are valid and important reasons for picking your foods, you. We should also consider a food’s nutritional content when shopping. A food’s protein and fiber content, vitamins, and minerals are essential factors that should also be part of our decisions. 

Healthy Foods

Even at sit-down restaurants and fast-food places, we can make healthy choices. For example, a plate of pasta by itself is high in carbs and not a perfect nutritional meal. However, adding a protein like beans or meat and vegetables will make the meal more nutrient-dense and better for you. You can also go a step further and share a dish or take-home leftovers to prevent overeating. 

Pasta Dish

Remember, it is possible to pick healthy, nutritious food that tastes great and is within our budget, too!

At The Wellness Center at Progressive Pediatrics, we want your whole family to make the best food choices and love how you’re feeling. If you have a teen or pre-teen who is ready to make a change but needs a little guidance, we are here to help. Please contact us today! 

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