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Good Food versus Bad Food


If you and/or your child are on a weight loss journey, you have probably heard the terms “good food, bad food” thrown around a lot. We often give foods these labels, and the definition can even vary from person to person. 

Today I would like to discuss “good” and “bad” foods, and foods that you SHOULD eat. 

Here at the Wellness Clinic at Progressive Pediatrics, our patients often ask, “What should I eat?” or “What should I allow my child to eat?”  It may surprise you to hear that labelling foods as good or bad is NOT the solution to having a healthy eater in your household. While its best to have healthy food in your fridge, it’s also okay to let yourself and your child eat what is available to you. 

So how should you think about food if you or your teen or pre-teen is struggling with weight?

There are two simple questions you should be asking yourself when you’re about to eat a certain food.  

  1. Is it worth it? 

Remember, you have the power to decide if that piece of cake or McDonald’s cheeseburger is worth eating. Here are a couple tips to help you decide: 

  • When was the last time you ate this? If you ate the food yesterday, maybe you won’t enjoy it quite as much today. If you haven’t had it for weeks or months, maybe it is worth it. Consider the time frame of your decision. 
  • How hungry are you? If you are super hungry and that is the food that is available, it may be worth eating. 
  • Is the taste, nutrition, and pleasure of eating the food worth the calories you will consume? 
  • If you decide that the food in front of you is worth eating, what is the minimum amount you should eat to satisfy your craving?  Maybe a few bites will suffice instead of an entire portion. 

If you can answer those two questions and make those decisions BEFORE you start eating, you are putting yourself in control of your food decisions and making empowered choices, without labelling your choices as “good” or “bad.”  

Will you take time to consider these two questions before your next food decision? 

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